Industry Advisory Groups (IAG)

The Community Services, Health and Education Training Council Industry Advisory Groups are standing groups that provide targeted sector or issue specific industry advice to the Community Services Health & Education Training Council on a continuous basis. They provide advice on the workforce development and training requirements of the community services, health and education industries to the Training Council, then through it to the State Training Board and the Department of Training & Workforce Development, and ultimately to the State Workforce Development Plan (WDP – ie. SkillingWA).

The IAGs meet at least twice per year, and as and when matters arise. They assist in setting the goals and priorities of the Training Council.  The meetings  are synchronised with the advice required to produce key government documents such as Workforce Development Plans, Environmental Scan (EScans), and State Priority Occupations Lists (SPOL) etc.

The Training council commits to maintain servicing links and ensuring that members of the IAGs receive relevant workforce development communications.

Members of IAGs

Where possible and appropriate the members of an IAG reflect the Industry sector makeup of the Board of Management (ie. representatives of Employer & Employee associations, Industry Experts and where appropriate RTOs).

Purpose and Activities of IAGs

Discussions and activities of the IAG are covered by Terms of Reference endorsed by the Board of Management.

  • Facilitation of research on the training and workforce development needs of the sector or region
  • Development of policy positions and advice
  • Promotion of workforce development and quality training
  • Maintenance of links between the VET system and relevant sector in respect of training and workforce development eg, Training Packages, delivery resources, assessment tools, validation and moderation, links between training, qualifications and regulations, etc.

Below is a list of the IAGs currently working within the Community Services Health & Education Training Council.

Sector specific Industry Advisory Groups:

  • Aboriginal Health
  • Aged Care & HACC
  • Anaesthetic Technology
  • Career Development and Employment Services
  • Dental Sector (Technicians & Assistants)
  • Disability
  • Early Childhood Education & Care (Children’s Services)
  • Education Support (Teacher Assistants)
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Health (General)
  • Mental Health & Mental Health Peer Work
  • Training & Education (TAE)
  • Youth Sector

The IAGs are an excellent vehicle for Industry and Registered Training Organisations to get involved in the creation of Workforce Development Plans for their sector or region.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining an existing IAG or wish to help in the formation of a new IAG for any sectors of the Community Services, Health and Education Industries.