Workforce Development

Workforce Development is a whole of state, whole of workforce process that is designed to enable industries to attract, build and retain skilled workforces. The Training Council is contracted by the Department of Training and Workforce Development to prepare Workforce Development Plans (WDPs) for the three vital industries that we cover. The aim is to ensure the Community Services, Health and Education industries have the capacity and capability to provide the essential services that underpin the continued economic success of this state.

The Workforce Development Plan is designed to be a dynamic document that will be improved and annually updated to stay abreast of changing government, economic and business circumstances. The CSH&E Training Council recognises the importance of this whole of state initiative and in conjunction with the Department of Training and Workforce Development, the CSH&E Training Council will work with industry, the community and government to support the implementation of the WDP’s for the three industries.

The first versions of the WDPs for the community services, health and education industries were created by the Training Council in October 2010.

Once endorsed by the CSH&E Training Council’s Board of Management the WDPs are submitted to the DTWD. The endorsed versions will be loaded on the website. To download the Workforce Development Plan’s please follow the links below:

Health Industry_Snapshot 2017 final

Education and Training Industry_Snapshot 2017 Final

Community Services_Snapshot 2017 Final


2015 Workforce Development Plan – Community Services

2015 Workforce Development Plan – Health

2015 Workforce Development Plan – Education & Training

Industry personnel can contribute to the workforce development processes by providing valuable inputs/feedback on Workforce Development Plans by becoming a member of the Industry Advisory Group for their sector.