Workforce development is a process that aims at building, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce to ensure capacity and capability for continued success.

In short, it is about having the right staff in place and ready to perform at the right time.

In most Community Services, Health and Education agencies there are workers from diverse backgrounds working together. Responding appropriately to this cultural diversity whether within the agency, workforce or with the agency’s clients is the key to establishing effective workforce practices.

Developing this guide

This Guide to support Aboriginal workforce development through web based resources was developed by the Training Council in response to industry concerns about low retention rates, barriers to attracting the right staff, ensuring that staff are competent in their workplace, with the necessary foundation skills and access to professional development opportunities.

The Guide provides a range of sustainable workforce development resources that help address these problems. The resources have been sourced from a collection of “Guiding Documents” and examples of best practice from a variety of government and non-government organisations, at the national and state and territory levels.