Supporting Initiatives

DEEWR Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) funding

Most of the companies that provided case studies in the Training Together – working together strategy also mentioned that they received support from the Federal Government through their Indigenous Employment Program (IEP).

The IEP supports a broad range of activities that are responsive to the needs of employers, Indigenous Australians and their communities. Support is available for activities that help to achieve the objective of the IEP and that offer value for money. These could include activities that will:
• encourage and support employers to provide sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians;
• encourage and support Indigenous Australians to take up training and employment opportunities, stay in jobs and enhance their future employment prospects;
• assist Indigenous communities, industry bodies and groups of employers to develop Indigenous workforce and economic development strategies that support local and regional economic growth; or
• assist Indigenous Australian to develop sustainable businesses and economic opportunities in urban, regional and remote areas.