Our Role

The Community Services, Health & Education Training Council has provided leadership, advice, assistance, training accreditation and registration services in Western Australia since 1992. The Training Council has a strong record of providing sound advice, undertaking research and project work as well as providing consultancy services.

Training Council staff are skilled and experienced in supporting the specialised training advice needs of our industries and are strategically positioned to provide the most up to date, consistent and informed advice at a local, state and national level.

Our consultancy services cover a range of VET issues including:
• Workforce Development Planning
• Competency Standards

Workplace Assessment
• Training Package Development and Implementation
• Support for Human Resource Management activities including using the Training Package for Performance Reviews, Strategic Planning, Business Plans and Training Skills Gap Analysis.
• All aspects of AQTF Registration and Compliance

Writing Courses for Accreditation
• Customising Competency Standards
• Developing Training Resources
• Accessing information in the Vocational Education and Training System

Other services

  • Training related research
  • Evaluation of Training
  • Training Policy development
  • Facilitation of training related workshops and focus groups eg. Training Providers Network