2018 Industry Skills Forecast – Open for Consultation

Guided by the 17 Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) we support, SkillsIQ is in the process of developing draft 2018 Industry Skills Forecasts. Each of these drafts is being made available for public consultation and comment on a staggered basis between January and March 2018.
National consultations are currently open for the following draft 2018 Industry Skills Forecasts:
  • Complementary Health (closing date: Monday 12 February 2018)
  • Technicians Support Services (closing date: Friday 16 February 2018).
Provide Your Feedback
Please click here to access these two documents, as well as Online Feedback Forms where you will be able to submit your comments and feedback.
You are invited to review the drafts and provide feedback by the specified closing dates.
For further information, please contact SkillsIQ via enquiries@skillsiq.com.au or by calling (02) 9392 8100.
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